About Cool Culture

Founded in 1999, Cool Culture is a NYC-based nonprofit that harnesses arts and culture, social justice principles, and partnerships with community stakeholders – families, community-based organizations and schools, and cultural institutions – to improve outcomes for economically challenged children and families, and to strengthen communities

We encourage families and community members to use arts and culture to celebrate their unique heritage, and to address inequality, racism and xenophobia in an increasingly complex world.

Cool Culture believes that cultural access is a right and not a privilege. And we are thankful that our work in collaboration with families, educators, artists and museums has opened the doors of some of the finest cultural institutions to New Yorkers of all incomes Join us for food, art, and fun as we honor those who are paving the way for tomorrow’s artist, art-lover and activist.

Together, we can realize Cool Culture’s vision of a more equitable and just society that values, embraces, and is enriched by all cultures. For more information on Cool Culture’s mission and programming please visit: www.coolculture.org


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